March 20, 2012

Ginger Beer and Jet Lag

JD and I have been having a rough time readjusting to the time change.
We landed, got through passport control and customs,
and picked up our baggage with a good amount of focus.
Then the second I got into the car I swear it was like my brain melted.

Yesterday, JD tried to use his metro card to swipe into school.
I walked into the grandfather clock in the hallway of my house.
It has been there for at least seven years.
I don't know why I am admitting to this.

Clearly we have not been having our most shining moments since returning.
Today has been much less zombie like, which I find encouraging.

The day we left for Venice I met JD for lunch.
We went to a really cute place called Bubby's near his school in Tribeca.
I believe I had some sort of a club sandwich with vegetable matchstick fries.
All I really remember of it was chicken, avocado, and bacon.
But the absolute best part of the entire meal was the ginger beer.
They make their own in house.

I am a huge fan of ginger beer.
All of a sudden I feel like it's everywhere,
but for the last several years I could only find it while in Tortola.
The day we go on the boat, Captain Steve stocks it for us.
It's called Old Jamaica and it's so strong it makes me sneeze.
I've tried a few other brands but none of them make me sneeze.
Apparently, I think sneezing is the mark of a good ginger beer.

The ginger beer at Bubby's was amazing, it made me sneeze
and they served it in a ball jar with a blue and white striped paper straw.
They do the same for their dark and stormy (ginger beer + spiced rum).
I am almost done sorting through my photos from Venice.
With any luck they should be up tomorrow! :)


  1. italy + Tortola all mentioned in the same post? Sheesh. too many good thoughts to handle..

    and Ginger Beer is YUMMY. Its definitely everywhere in England, but i didn't realize it was popping up in the states.

    We should chat about how awesome the BVI is sometime. We used to sail there and it's my FAVORITE vacation ever. (big statement!!)


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