February 22, 2012

Weekend Wine Tasting

Before this past weekend I had never been wine tasting before.
I've been to vineyards and wineries, but never for a tasting.
During the winter, in order to get people out to the vineyards,
several vineyards have jazz bands come perform for a few hours on the weekends.
They call it "Jazz on the Vine".

We tried two places on Saturday,
Laurel Lake Vineyard and Castello di Borghese.

I realized while at Laurel Lake that I have actually tried their wines before.
Their Cabernet Franc is pretty nice as is the Syrah.
The jazz band was set up on an enclosed deck in the back.
A lot of people brought cheeses, breads, and crackers.
I wish that I had thought to bring some with me.
We left the gouda and goat cheese I packed for the trip at the hotel.

On a side note, my friend Dee recently discovered that Trader Joe's carries
vanilla goat cheese smothered in wild blueberries.

Castello di Borghese was a completely different experience.
They had a large room filled with chairs set up around the jazz band.
A much older crowd than Laurel Lake but the band was amazing!
All photos were taken at Laurel Lake.


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  4. ok that is one good day. i love a good wine tasting (:


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