February 20, 2012

Weekend View: Greenport, NY

This weekend JD surprised me with a trip to Greenport!
Greenport is a sweet little summer town on the North Fork of Long Island.
We went ice skating in the center of town, watched the 167th annual President's Day parade,
 and had our ice skates photographed by the reporters covering the parade.
We left them resting against a nearby bench as we stood to watch the parade.
JD has played ice hockey all his life, he could be a professional speed skater
so naturally, I spent most of the morning hanging on to him for dear life.
So much for those childhood ice skating lessons.
Fire Departments from all over the island participated in the parade.
A few even brought their really cool old trucks and cars.
I would have been worried had he not climbed to the edge of the dock.
I may not be able to buy new clothes until April,
yes that challenge is still happening,
but a little window shopping never hurts. :)

Photos from Saturday's wine tasting adventure to come!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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