February 2, 2012


I've always been curious as to how people choose certain things, 
like perfumes or jewelry to be their "signatute" scent or piece.

 Then very slowly, or maybe all of a sudden,
I really don't know, it happened to me.

Almost two years ago I went to visit my friend Kaitlin, 
the one with the goreous hair, at her family home in upstate New York. 
She had invited Pauline and I up to celebrate her birthday. 
Since she lives near Woodstock, we decided to take the short drive over 
and spend the day walking around the town. 

We parked in a lot near the end of the main street. 
It was hot out that day. I remember not having brought appropriate clothes,
a problem that apparently plagues me way too often. 
Her birthday is in the end of April so I had packed a light sweater and jeans. 
As we walked from the car up the side street at the end of town 
we passed by our first set of outdoor vendors. 

Woodstock was filled with vendors, 
their tables and tents spread out between buildings 
and in vacant patches of grass on street corners. 
These first vendors were set back a little, 
off of the street in what appeared to be a parking area. 
We stopped to see what they had to offer. 
There were three large tents set up with tables filled with jewelry.
At the time, those rings with large roses were becoming all the rage. 
The tables were filled with them, all different colors and sizes. 
I thought they were all too large and gaudy for my taste. 
A few months prior, my mom had found a pretty 
 silver one at a shop near our house.
I wanted my own.

As we were ready to leave the tables and continue on to the rest of town, 
I spotted a small silver rose ring with darker details inside the petals
 that had been partially obscured by the oversized flowers surrounding it. 
It reminded me of Chanel's Camelia ring because of the darkness of the petals. 
It was so different from the rest of the rings. 
(and I haven't come across another like it since)
Twenty-five dollars later it was mine.
I wore the ring the rest of that weekend and all of the following week. I loved it. 
When I didn't wear it I could feel it on my finger like a ghost.
The ring became a part of my daily routine, a part of every outfit. 
And without realizing it, the little rose ring became my signature piece. 
I wear it every day and when I forget to it is noticed.
Do you have a signature piece of jewelry or perfume and how did it come to be so?

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