February 16, 2012


This is hardly new to anyone but me,
I am completely aware of that.
But, I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest!

Since I am also obsessed with fashion,
and we are in the midst of New York fashion week,
and no one pays me to cover the shows
(which would be an absolute dream)
I have been using Pinterest to share my favorites.

A few looks I've pinned so far...
Tory Burch 
This coat is so lovely. Perfect for a New York winter.
J. Mendel
I don't know what it is about fur that draws me in so much.
This is my absolute favorite look so far.
Tracy Reese 
I could easily see myself walking around in this outfit.
Tory Burch
A sparkly top with a drop waist, need I say more?
J. Mendel
So gorgeous, this would be lovely on a red carpet.
Marchesa reminded me a little of Alexander McQueen this year.
Very pretty regardless, I love the gold embellishments on this dress!

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  1. YES! Pinterest is just the best :) LOVE these fashion photos!

  2. Thanks! It's scary how addicting it is.

  3. pinterest is more addicting than No joke. haha you're not alone sista!


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