February 19, 2012

Aero Caramel

This weekend was absolutely amazing, 
but I think I'll save that story for tomorrow.
JD really outdid himself this weekend,
and I actually needed most items on that list.
I was very surprised.
Though, not as surprised as he was by my little gift.
I'm really good at gift giving. I love it. 
I love surprising the people I love
and seeking out the perfect gift.

I thought a lot about what to get JD for Valentine's Day.
Neither of us are very much into the holiday so we usually keep it very low-key.
This year we agreed to do small gifts, with a price limit of $50.
Good thing we both stuck to that... 
For part of my gift I got him Frye boots, but he knew about those.
The other part deserves a little bit of an explanation.

Last February, JD and I visited London.
I can't remember when or where that we first discovered Aero Caramel,
but it would be a safe bet to guess that it was either at 
the little shop by our hotel in Earl's Court or 
the newsstand outside of the Embankment tube stop.
Regardless, it quickly became our favorite candy
and I ended up carrying it around with me everywhere we went 
incase JD got hungry before I was ready to stop for lunch.
Unfortunately, we did not take enough home with us, and it's not sold here in the US.
So as a special surprise, I had it shipped from England!

I had tricked him into thinking that I bought him a pair of suspenders.
I even pretended to let the secret slip in the car on the way to our secret destination
I'm that good.
He was very surprised. :)

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