February 15, 2012

Guest Post: JD

Today is a big day, JD is guest posting!
I figured that since he is involved in pretty much every story,
that he should introduce himself.


Hi, I'm JD.

Considering I come up quite a bit on here I thought it might be fun to
introduce myself... myself. I am JD, Lyndsay's boyfriend and aside
from joining her on the many adventures discussed here I like to have
a few of my own. I am a law student in New York City and while that is
an experience all on its own it is not particularly interesting to
read about. If I have learned anything in the past few years about
leading a healthy lifestyle it is the value of balancing your
professional and personal lives. I truly enjoy the law but love to get
away. I surf, climb, snowboard and generally try all sorts of fun
stuff in between. Those hobbies have a nice feature of resulting in
pictures and I though a video I put together of a recent trip to the
White Mountains in New Hampshire would be better than any introduction
I could author.

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