February 10, 2012

Cap sleeves. It's a horror show.

On days like today when I'm home sick,
there is one thing that always manages to cheer me up.
It's one of my favorite movies,
and it's impossible to feel anything but happy while watching it.
It's cheerful, funny, well written, and entertaining.
I have seen it so many times that I can recite entire scenes...
though I probably shouldn't admit to that.
And yes, it was based on a lovely book 
of the same title written by Winifred Watson,
which I own and have read several times.

Oh, you want to know what it is?
This is my go-to pick-me-up movie and it never fails.
Amy Adams is perfect as Delysia LaFosse,
Frances McDormand a wonderful Miss Pettigrew.
The casting is absolutely perfect, really.

The Story:
Set in London on the verge of World War II,
Miss Pettigrew, a down on her luck governess, becomes a social secretary for
an American nightclub singer, Delysia LaFosse, due to a case of mistaken identity... well sort of.
Miss Pettigrew and Delysia are complete opposites, yet they are exactly what the other needed.
And by the end of their day together their lives have been forever changed. 
But I promise, it's not mushy at all.

I very strongly suggest that you put this one on your list 
if you have not already, of course!

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