January 19, 2012


Boston is one of my favorite cities.
This past weekend, JD and I met up with a small group of friends from college in Boston.
Our friends, John and Alice, live in Boston and asked up to come up to go watch Northeastern play Boston College in ice hockey at Fenway. Frozen Fenway they called it. 
They created an ice rink in the middle of the field! 
All of the boys played hockey in college so we thought it would be a good group activity.
All I had to hear was Boston and it was done. I had the hotel booked within minutes.
I majored in history in college so Boston and all of it's wonderful history is a big draw for me.
I love the architecture, the brick streets, and the overall pleasant atmosphere of the city.
And it's small so you can walk from one end to the other in a half hour.
Friday night we met up for a late dinner and later found ourselves at a bar 
called Anchovies at the suggestion of the waiter at the restaurant. 
The bar was small and very narrow without much room to stand
 but the food smelled delicious wafting out of the kitchen in the back.
 We got into quite the situation at this place.... 
But that's it's own story.
Someone's actual doorknob. Gorgeous!
Saturday morning we got up early to wander around Beacon HIll, 
my favorite spot in all of Boston, before meeting up at Fire and Ice for lunch. 
I was extremely skeptical when we stepped inside,
the place looks like Nickelodeon threw up all over it,
but it ended up being pretty good.
After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to bundle up for the game. 
Then we went over to Boston Beerworks were everyone else attending the game
 had packed inside to drink the legendary blueberry beer with blueberries floating on top.
I had never been to Fenway before, so I was excited to see it. 
The stadium is old, with small wooden seats. 
And of course, we got into trouble here too. 
We were seated on the Northeastern side, 
so naturally, we were rooting for BC. 
That's always how it happens, isn't it.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to change into normal clothes and met for dinner at Zocalo.
The next morning JD and I walked back to Beacon Hill and had breakfast at the Paramount. 
My favorite restaurant in Boston. It's a little crazy how it works. 
(See my yelp review for more info!)
After breakfast, JD and I drove back to New York.
 I was sad to see the weekend end.
It was so nice to see everyone!

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