Saturday, December 31

Greetings from...

The lovely British Virgin Islands!
This is the view from our villa. JD and I are loving it!
I have so much to say and I did skip Christmas so I will get on that when I return.
I just couldn't resist wishing you a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23

Hey, can I eat these things?

Everything in my house is covered in bells.
We have bells hanging from every door, doorway, cabinet,
both dogs even have bells on their collars.
It's been a little crazy here this week but I can finally say
that I am finished shopping for and wrapping gifts.
This year I decided to go for ribbons over bows.

On another note, this is Paisley's first Christmas
(Paisley is my sister's puppy)
My favorite decorations are (obviously) the sparkly ones.

Paisley agrees, and says "hey, can I eat these things?"

What about these sheep, can I eat them?

Paisley is not the first puppy to steal sheep from the nativity.
We're missing the donkey. No where to be found.
Perhaps Mischa has a few ideas about that?

Have I packed for my trip yet you ask? Haven't even thought about it!
I foresee another two am packing session where I'm running around like a madwoman,
grabbing things out off shelves and flinging all the drawers open.
I'm usually very organized but when it comes to holiday trips
there just isn't enough time in the days leading up.

Monday, December 19

What to do?

As the New Year creeps closer and closer
I have been thinking about what to wear on New Years Eve.
A common thought I'm sure, 
running through the minds of countless girls as I type.
This year, I will be ringing in the New Year on a 
beautiful little island called Tortola.
That slightly limits my options,
sequins may be a bit overboard on the beach.

Somehow, I have amassed a closet full of dresses,
none of which seem to be appropriate for such
 an occasion at this particular location.
It really boggles my mind sometimes.
How did I create such a useless collection?
What was the purpose?
Though, I have actually worn them all at one point 
or another so they aren't completely useless.

Regardless, I am going to have to figure something out
and soon because I am going to need to pack this week.
So I thought I'd look for some inspiration.

If I were going to a party pretty much anywhere else
I would want to wear this glittering French Connection dress.
It would be perfect.
As I have said before, I can't help but to crave anything 
and everything sparkly around this time of year.

But alas, I am not shopping.
And this dress would not be appropriate.
One of the problems I'm encountering is that I do in fact,
have a lovely, glittery (but non-sequined) dress that I can wear
but I have worn it for NYE already,
a few years back, with this very same group.

This seems like such a silly dilemma really.

Wednesday, December 14

Christmas Shopping

Don't you just love it when you think you've finished something
only to realize very quickly afterward that you really aren't?
That was me yesterday. 

I thought I had finally finished my Christmas shopping.
The very last gift checked had been checked off on my list
for no longer than two minutes when I remembered.
Now, before you start thinking "oh how awful, 
how could she forget such important people?" 
it's not like that. Not at all. 
This is really the first year that I'll be exchanging gifts with them,
 so honestly, I didn't even think about it until this weekend
 when I was running through my to do list.

So it's two more to go!
For one, I have the perfect idea.
For the other, not so much.  
Luckily, I have some time to think about it.

In the meantime, 
I can share a little something I picked up for Mischa.

They are balloon animal shaped squeakies!

I had to hide them from her so she wouldn't find them before Christmas.
Last night, I went to go hide more gifts in the same spot and forgot I had put them there.
Quite obviously, the hiding spot started squeaking,
resulting in Mischa searching every space in my room,
trying to hunt down the sound.

She's still looking for them right now actually.
She's very determined.

Monday, December 12

Weekend View


Friday evening we stopped by this little wine shop to pick up a bottle to have with dinner.
After about ten minutes of trying to squeeze by people hogging free samples in the doorway,
two dogs that didn't quite get along, their owners, and several others, I opted to wait outside. 
It's just such a small space. You really can't have more than five people in there at a time.

I liked the window display. The pig in the sleigh was too cute!


Saturday afternoon was spent walking around. We walked over to Union Square to look at the vendors that had set up and wandered in and out of shops all afternoon. JD wanted to find an ugly sweater for a Christmas party we were attending later that night. There was no shortage of them at Urban Outfitters where apparently, they think its 1993, in the men's department, at least. But who wants to pay $90 for something to wear as a joke?
JD ended up wearing one of his nice sweaters. 

Saturday was also SantaCon. We did not participate, but we did encounter tons of Santas. 
We made the mistake of heading over to MacDougal St. to get a snack from Qdoba.
By 4:00pm it was just messy.


I love love love Butter nail polish! 
It stays on forever. I picked this up in one of the shops we stopped in on our walk Saturday. 
I love the rosy pink glitter and it looks exactly the same on as it does in the bottle.
(The color is called Rosie Lee)

And that was my lovely little weekend.

Wednesday, December 7

What I Wore: A Sparkly Top

 Lately I have been obsessed with everything sparkly.
I think it has something to do with the season.
Everything glitters.

I purchased this sparkly button-back top from ASOS last winter,
and while I usually opt to wear it with a black tank underneath,
when I opened my drawer it was sitting on top of this green top.
The colors looked so pretty next to each other,
so I decided to see how it looked on.

This was the result.

Sparkly top from ASOS (last winter)
Green top from Anthropologie
Black pants from ASOS
Boots by Frye

Don't worry,
I took the stupid looking braid out
before I left the house.

Tuesday, December 6

An Update

It really is that simple,
wanting something just because you know you can't have it.
I've reached that point in my project where all I want is new clothes.

It has become a little tricky, and sometimes frustrating 
when I discover that I lack certain pieces for a look.
I have been trying to come up with new ideas for outfits so
that I don't feel like I'm wearing the same thing day in and day out.
I have been drawing inspiration from absolutely everywhere,
from passersby on the street to blogs to magazines.
You name it, I've looked there.

Also, I haven't been photographing my outfits lately
so I will need to get on that.
I've lost count of how many times I have said to JD,
"I'm wearing a weird outfit (again) today."
Pictures, I'm sure, would help clarify
just how "weird" they really are.

In the meantime, here is a photo I just took of Mischa.
She is hiding from me, under my bed
because she is in trouble.

Friday, December 2

Puppy Playdate

Meet Paisley!
Paisley is my sister's American Bulldog puppy.
This picture was taken over the summer when we first met.
She has grown to be MUCH bigger since then.

Today she is feeling a little under the weather, but two weeks ago she had a playdate 
with another American Bulldog named Frasier.

The size of Paisley's paws in comparison to Frasier's scares me a little
as he is massive and weighs over one hundred pounds at age two.

And so the playdate began...

There was lots of running,

And playing,

And for Paisley, a lot of falling down.

By the end of their playdate, Paisley was exhausted, which was a nice change.
This dog has so much energy.

Thursday, December 1

A Penny Farthing

A week or two ago I met up with some old college friends for drinks in the East Village where they live. 
We ended up at a place called Penny Farthing. When we arrived a little after midnight there was a line wrapped around the side of the building, sectioned off with a black velvet rope. 
So we stood in line and I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to go inside. 
A line? I haven't stood on a line for a bar in ages, if ever. 
The kids on line with us were just that, kids. Definitely a younger crowd. 
When we got to the front of the line they let half of our group in and then stopped the rope at me. 
Of course they did. 
When a few more patrons spilled out onto the sidewalk the bouncer turned to ask for my ID. 
He examined it for a few moments and then my face, then back to my license. 
He wasn't convinced. 

Let me just note that in my license photo, I have a very short light brown bob that almost looks blond
 and I'm tan because the picture was taken in August. 
It has been three years since then. 
My hair is now a much darker shade of brown, and falls to the middle of my back,
my face without any trace of a tan. 

 So the bouncer was still studying me and my license and wasn't convinced so he decided to quiz me.
"Lyndsay," he began in a skeptical tone "what's your middle name?"

This little bit is a gem.

"Well, I don't really have a middle name..." I started. 
He raised his eyebrows. It's okay, I understood. 
I sounded like a silly college girl would, forgetting the middle initial of the girl whose ID she has.
Except, I'm twenty-four years old and this was my drivers license.
"You see, my parents wanted to give me a middle name after my Aunt Angie. 
Her name was Angelina. But they didn't like it between my first and last name. 
They thought it would be too long all together. A mouthful for any child. 
My mother called my Aunt "A" as a nickname. 
So, they decided to just give me that, "A"."

Now I'm sure you can imagine the skeptical expression on the bouncer's face.
And the laughter coming from JD and my friend Twitch who were waiting in line behind me.
Twitch thought I was being difficult and messing with the poor guy. 
He later asked why I wouldn't tell my middle name.

The bouncer didn't know what to say. 
He clearly thought I was making this all up, that I was perhaps, my own younger sister. 
I didn't think he was going to let me in. Not for a minute.
I secretly hoped that he wouldn't so I could go home and sleep.
He decided to continue quizzing me on every piece of information on my license. 
Quite obviously, I knew all the answers. 
Too bad he didn't get to the back...
I would have loved to have explained my recent visit to the eye doctor to him.

Please feel free to tell me I look younger.

PS. To see my full review of Penny Farthing click here!