November 13, 2011

Central Park

This weekend my boyfriend, JD and I decided to go for a stroll around Central Park. We hadn't been to the park in a while and we both wanted to experiment with my new camera and the fall colors. We hoped that we would get lucky, that the leaves would manage to hang onto their trees long enough for us to snap some marvelous photos. Thankfully, they did. The weather was perfect, a lovely fall day, and the trees covered in brilliant gold, orange, and red leaves. 

I love lamp posts. They have this timelessness that draws me in. I must have taken about a hundred shots of various lamp posts throughout the park.

When we stopped to capture this one, JD caused a bit of a frenzy. We were there for a few minutes, framing the shot and experimenting with different settings... There is still so much to learn about this camera! Several passersby stopped to see what we were up to and decided to get their own shot of the gorgeous view as well, which I of course had to capture on my iPhone. Too funny!

We had such a lovely time, and snapped so many photos. Too many photos, well over four hundred... I don't think we took half as many on our trip to London this past March! 

I hope you enjoyed the weekend too!

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