Thursday, October 8

autumn wedding guest

I have another wedding coming up at the end of the month so while I'm shopping around for dresses, I figured now would be as good a time as any to share some of my favorites, both realistic options and a dream world one or two.
one / two / three 
four / five / six 

I don't know if you've noticed but I apparently have a thing for sweet lace numbers this season. The first dress is something I get to wear in dream world. The low v back is stunning. I have been borderline obsessed with dress number two for ages and actually ordered it the moment it became available. Unfortunately, I had to send it back. The top fit much tighter than I was expecting and squashed my chest in a very unflattering way. I would suggest sizing up in this one if you are not flat chested. I just love the layered skirt on dress three and dress four could easily be re-worn for a night out on the town. The back on dress five, my goodness. And finally, dress six. I've been hesitant to get on board with this "naked dress" trend, it's not my style and I find it largely unnecessary. You know how I love to dress like a puritan. But, while this one could potentially fit into that category, it appears to be much more wearer friendly. It's sweet and feminine rather than in your face "naked dress". What do you think? 

Wednesday, October 7

a girl's guide to hair care and repair

About a week ago my sister asked how I keep the ends of my hair from breaking off. While I'm far from an expert, hair health is extremely important to me so I thought I'd share my not so secret hair tips and tricks with you. A few years ago I found myself in the boat my sister is currently in, with ends so broken and brittle the last several inches of my hair looked sheer. I was in the process of trying to grow it long, but that wasn't happening. It would get to a certain length and promptly stop due to all of the breakage. Something needed to change. I stopped experimenting with my color and started searching for ways to reverse some of the damage already done and prevent it in the future. These tips and tricks if you will are all super simple things I wish I had known and done earlier.
One: Get a wide tooth comb.
Making sure my hair didn't break off became my number one haircare priority, so I went back to the old way of doing things. Growing up I remember being instructed on how to handle my wet hair. Never drag a brush through it, use a wide toothed comb, with patience, starting with the ends and working your way up. I had been dragging a regular old brush through my hair. For years. Out of laziness. It did me no favors. Instead, it was causing a lot of breakage and I feel stupid admitting this now. Getting a good wide tooth comb changed everything. I ordered this one from Birchbox,  almost immediately noticed a change, and felt like an even bigger idiot.
Two: Take your vitamins.
Biotin and Vitamin B became my best vitamin friends. Both should help speed up the growth process as well improve the overall health of your hair. You won't see the results overnight, but in my personal experience they work well enough that I need to stop taking them once the summer rolls around as I am way too lazy to shave my legs every day.

Three: Drink a lot of water.
Everyone is said to require different amounts of water depending on your height, weight, activity level, the weather outside, etcetera, etcetera. I have been religious about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day for the last five years and have noticed that I get a bit cranky and run down feeling on days I don't have enough. It's amazing when you realize those mid afternoon headaches are directly related to your level of hydration. I definitely notice it a lot more these days. Aside from having to pee ten minutes after leaving my apartment, my hair has gotten annoyingly shiny. Which brings me to...

Four: Oil.
Over the years, I feel like I've tried just about every kind of hair oil out there and the bottom line is they really do help. My current favorite is Shu Uemera's Essence Absolue. It is a camellia oil, smells heavenly, and does not contain any silicone so it actually absorbs into your hair instead of just sitting on top of it. As I told my sister, it's really expensive but magical. Regardless of which one you choose, they do a fantastic job at preventing split ends and keeping the lengths and ends hydrated. I also really like Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil.
Five: Deep conditioning treatments.
So basically, it really boils down to hydration, doesn't it? I like to use deep conditioners and hair masks a couple times a week. Living Proof's Restore mask is great for rebuilding, it focuses on restoring dry and damaged hair and played a major role in my life back when I was trying my best to un-fry my hair. I'm also a big fan of Organix Renewing Moroccan Oil Intensive Moisturizing Treatment and most recently have been addicted to Acure's Moisturizing Root Repair Argan Stem Cell + Mint Conditioning Maskwhich Kate turned me on to. (Added bonus, it's all organic! How rare is a good for you hair product that actually works?) And finally, when it comes to leave in conditioners you can't beat It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner Plus Keratin. I'm sure by now you've heard too many good things about it. They're probably all true. Never have I ever encountered a product that instantly eliminates frizz, and on top of that, it's really light so you can spray it on without worrying if it's going to make your clean hair greasy, a major concern of people who now have bangs.
That's pretty much it. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the end results of healthy hair are certainly worth it. And now I'll leave you with two more tips I didn't know where to put...

Other tips:
Never sleep with your hair up in a hair tie if you can avoid it.
Don't blow dry on high heat.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 30

currently loving

Trying to get back into blogging is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. I'm finding that it's not the sort of thing I can just ease back into. This is going to require a full running jump. I'm working on it. What better way to start than by sharing some things I'm currently loving, on a Wednesday no less. Just like old times. 

We're starting to get into that perfect fall weather I love so much, cool mornings and evenings, warm afternoons. With temps changing so much over the course of the day I've been trying to balance my outfits so I'm not too warm or cold at any point. My favorite combination is a cozy sweater paired with a skirt or shorts. I love everything about this skirt, blush with burgundy appliqués, it could take you straight through spring. I'd pair it with a simple navy sweater and get a little matchy-matchy with my accessories. Burgundy boots, a navy handbag with contrasting piping, pale pink sunglasses, delicate earrings, and muted nail polish.

What are you feeling this fall? And if you have any tips on how to get back into blogging, please share!

Friday, September 25

rosemary pomegranate gin fizz

rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
Keeping in the theme of pretty pink cocktails, this week's is brought to you by the need to use up the plants growing on my windowsill before they are done for the season. So, I plucked a healthy sprig of rosemary and surveyed the contents of my fridge. I settled on pomegranate juice, my most recent guilty pleasure split with soda water, and thought gin might go best with both. A fizz it is, and a very simple one at that. Being as the pomegranate juice is so sweet, I decided to skip on simple syrup and muddle the rosemary to get the flavor. The drink ended up perfectly balanced and tasted a tiny bit like Christmas, which I am aware it is too soon for.
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark
2 ounces gin
2 ounces pomegranate juice
3/4 ounce lemon juice
soda water

In a large glass or shaker combine gin, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and rosemary. Muddle. Strain over ice. Top with soda water, garnish with a spring of rosemary, and enjoy!
rosemary pomegranate gin fizz | #proseccointhepark

Friday, September 18

champagne carlton

champagne carlton | #proseccointhepark
i can't remember if the day or the meal was anything special but i get this feeling every time i think about elephant and castle. i can see it, everything, as it was. it's cold and gray outside, the wind whipping through the empty lot surrounded by a chain link fence lined with tiles, a memorial. we stood outside to wait red nosed, tapping our feet to keep warm. once inside we order a soup bowl of hot chocolate and these, champagne carltons. delicious raspberry infused champagne dreams. i am in love. until i have to think about the walk home, inching closer to an icy hudson.

we've been back many times since that day and though i reserve the hot chocolate for the colder months, the champagne carlton has remained one of my favorite brunch drinks in the city. so, after all this time, i have finally decided to recreate a version of it for myself and for you lovely readers and anyone who delights in champagne cocktails.
champagne carlton | #proseccointhepark
champagne carlton | #proseccointhepark
champagne carlton | #proseccointhepark

the champagne carlton
5 oz champagne
1/2 oz chambord
1/2 tsp raspberry preserves

add a drop of raspberry preserves to a champagne coupe, add chambord, and top with champagne or prosecco if you so choose. stir once and enjoy!
champagne carlton | #proseccointhepark