Friday, October 31

chocolate hazelnut martini

I'm not usually much of a vodka girl but on occasion I can be swayed. The promise of my favorite gelato combination in liquid (non-melted) form was good enough for me. I spent a lot of time looking up spooky drink recipes in honor of Halloween yesterday when I came across one for a chocolate malted martini. Having only some of the ingredients on hand I decided to consult the liquor cabinet. I'm always a fan of frangelico come the holidays. My mom always serves it as a cordial with those little chocolate cups. A hazelnut liqueur that I sometimes add to my truffles. This could be good. And it was. This drink is dangerous, scary good! 
Chocolate Hazelnut Martini
1 oz vodka
1/2 oz hazelnut liqueur
1 oz almond milk
1 tsbp chocolate syrup

Shake with ice, strain, and enjoy!
BOO! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30

camel + plaid

camel + plaid
camel + plaid
camel + plaid
camel + plaid
h&m open cardigan {seen here + here} . hollister plaid shirt {very old / similar} . american eagle jeans . joie flats {old / similar} . cuyana handbag . dogeared necklace . nars lip gloss in 'tasmania'

Earlier this week I came across this photo on pinterest and knew I had to recreate my own version of the look. There's something so warm and comforting about both camel and plaid so combining them is like a two for one special on fall trends. I've had this plaid shirt since.... college? maybe high school? A really long time. Last year I pulled it out from the depths of my closet and decided I should start wearing it again. It's surprisingly warm and as temperatures have been hovering pleasantly in the low sixties, it was perfect with an open cardigan thrown on top. I paired it with dark wash denim, a classic handbag, and black suede flats for a casual daytime look. 

Wednesday, October 29

cognac ankle boots

currently loving | cognac ankle boots, navy skirt, off duty sweater
hat . sweater . necklace . clutch . skirt . nail polish . boots

I noticed while trying to figure out what to wear the other day that I'm lacking a good pair of cognac colored ankle boots. I have light tan/beige and black pairs but nothing in between. This is a problem, not the most pressing, but a problem none the less. Every girl could use a nice neutral, go anywhere, wear with anything boot. While my natural reaction seems to be to scoop up another pair of pettys, I just can't bring myself to do that. Owning three pairs of the same shoe isn't cool, right?

Needless to say I have now spent a good chunk of time searching the internets for the perfect pair. I found quite a few but as of right now, these Splendid booties are the frontrunners. One of the things I like most about them is the more pointed toe and small heel, perfect long term wear as well as a little extra height. There a very few things I wouldn't dream of pairing them with but today I'm thinking a lovely navy blue midi skirt with an oversized off duty sweater, a calf hair clutch, sparkly jewels and nails, and a classic wool hat. 

On another note, I may need to drop by Madewell and pick this skirt up tomorrow... Happy Wednesday and thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, October 28

lbd + blanket scarf

I read an article last week that I now cannot find anywhere that offered up tips on how to style yourself in that effortlessly elegant way that Parisian women have mastered. From memory it talked about simple black blazers and jeans and classic handbags without bold identifying labels, but the one thing that has been stuck on my mind since has been scarves. I love scarves. I probably have too many of them taking up space in my closet, but they're a good thing to have too many of in my book. They are easy, you can throw one on over a plain shirt or dress and create an entirely new look. The article was more focused on their warmth. I agree, especially when it comes to this cozy blanket scarf trend I'm loving so much. They are perfect for wrapping around yourself on those in-between days where you don't quite need a jacket. 

For a more casual day to night look I knotted this pretty cream and wine colored blanket scarf from Zara over a simple little black dress (last seen here) and paired them with heeled ankle boots, and a classic black handbag.

Monday, October 27

autumn in central park

Every now and then the stars align and JD and I will get the same weekend schedule. This weekend was one of them. Saturday morning we woke up early (for us), picked up coffee and almond croissants, and went up to Central Park for a breakfast picnic. We found a cozy spot on top of a hill by the falconer statue and snuggled up against a cool rock to eat. The little sparrows were big fans of all of our flakey crumbs. I was convinced they were going to sit on our blanket with us.

It was chilly when we left the apartment so I bundled up in a blanket scarf, my newest obsession, that I have been very excited to finally wear. I am probably going to live in them this winter now that wearing a blanket outside of the comfort of your home is socially acceptable. I really love this one is from Urban Outfitters. JD picked it up for me in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and I have been itching to wear it ever since. For our morning in the park I paired it with a black long sleeve shirt, bordeaux pants, a leather jacket, and suede ankle boots that are perfect for long walks.

What did you do this weekend?
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