Wednesday, January 13

on island time

I think it's safe to say that winter has finally, officially arrived here in New York, but my mind is still on island time. Something strange happens when you go on a really good vacation, you start to forget about things. While sitting on a boat in the BVI I could have sworn that it would be summer upon my return. While that would have been a nice reality to drop back into, it's not the case. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you consider the current sale prices), that did not stop me from purchasing a new fringed cover up the other day. But hey, it's better to buy these things when they're unusable and on sale, in January, right? Right. At the very least, it gives you something to look forward to to get you through the harsh weather.

One of the most difficult things about coming back from a warm weather getaway during the winter is once again packing away all of your summer clothes. While it's not exactly appropriate to wear beach ready attire solo in near freezing temperatures, that doesn't mean you can't incorporate styles inspired by warmer weather into your look. I love the sweet mint hue of this silky top from Apparel Candy. It reminds me of the water at Smuggler's Cove and would look so lovely with a tan, and is therefore perfect for transitioning back into reality. One of the great things about Apparel Candy is that you can buy wholesale even if you're not a retailer, which is something that would have come in handy at any point during my striped shirt obsession, or for when you find a piece that you really love. For a winter friendly look I'd pair this top with an off white tweed blazer with nail polish to match, dark wash denim, suede ankle boots, a neutral handbag, and a classic pair of sunglasses. Now if only all of this could magically appear in my closet this morning I'd be set.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, October 28

currently loving

Trying something a little bit different today, some things I'm currently loving in a scrollable (and directly shop-able) layout. 

Lately I have been trying to make more of an effort to wear all of my dresses and skirts before the weather gets too cold and I start living in sweaters and wearing tights under my pants. I don't know what it was about last winter, but I couldn't deal with the weather. The tights thing became an unnervingly regular occurrence by February. Fingers crossed this winter is less harsh. Moving on, I just love the rich red color of this dress from Madewell. It's that perfect wear all day style, easily making the transition from the office to happy hour with a quick change of accessories. More a more causal weekend look I would pair it with a tough leather jacket, suede over the knee boots, and classic neutral accessories. 

Tuesday, October 27

balancing act

rag and bone jacket {old / similar here} . anthropologie sweater . madewell skirt {old / similar here} . rag and bone boots . mulberry handbag . le specs sunglasses . dogeared earrings 

Going to keep things short and sweet today...

There are many reasons that Autumn is my favorite of the seasons, as "basic" or whatever as that may sound. Today's reason is the ability to wear this jacket. With all of the ups and downs in temperature, you finally get to wear those in-between weather jackets and blazers without having to stuff them under a coat and melt into a puddle on the subway platform. Here in New York we get on average about two weeks of that glorious weather if we are lucky. This year it seems to be sticking around for a little longer (though I did break out my winter coat yesterday). As a result, I have been trying to balance my layers to remain comfortable in all situations. I'm not super thrilled about being too hot or too cold, hence the balancing act. Pairing sweaters and skirts has long been one of my favorite looks. With all of the lace details on both my sweater and skirt, I thought the addition of a tough but still feminine military inspired jacket and ankle boots would help give me a little bit more of an edge. 

Friday, October 23

bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float

bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float | prosecco in the park
bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float | prosecco in the park
bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float | prosecco in the park
bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float | prosecco in the park
Last year I came up with a very similar recipe that you may remember, a seasonal variation of a whiskey smash called the "smashing pumpkin". It tasted so much like a liquid version of pumpkin pie that I ended up topping it with vanilla ice cream. I wanted to do something like it again this year but not quite the same thing. With the sudden rise in temperature I decided an ice cream float might be a fun idea and so I altered the recipe slightly, making a few changes to the measurements, ditching the brown sugar, adding chocolate bitters, chocolate ice cream, more cinnamon and soda. 

Dare I say I like this variation even more? It's decadent, a dessert in it's own right, and really easy to make. It will take you no more than five minutes to whip this drink together. And just about the same amount of time to drink it.

1 tbsp pumpkin puree
1.5 ounces bourbon
1 ounce simple syrup
1/2 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp cinnamon
dash of vanilla
dash of chocolate bitters
1 scoop chocolate ice cream
soda water

Drop a tablespoon of pumpkin puree into a large glass. Add bourbon, simple syrup, honey, and cinnamon. Stir until combined. Add a dash of vanilla and chocolate bitters. Stir once. Add one scoop of chocolate ice cream to your serving glass, pour pumpkin bourbon mixture over it and top with soda water. 

bourbon pumpkin pie ice cream float | prosecco in the park

Wednesday, October 21

burgundy and black

One of my personal style goals for the season is to dress up a bit more in my day to day life. My style has gotten extremely casual and I'm in need of a change. This became glaringly obvious last Thursday when I popped into the hair salon for a fringe trim and looked so very out of place waiting in a sea of coated denim, perfectly draped blouses, and slick black boots. While it's nice to stand out from the pack, this wasn't one of those life affirming occasions. There is absolutely no need for me to look like I'm about to do improv on a boat at any point in time, especially in said extremely cool SoHo hair salon. Then I spotted these shoes in Vince the following day and have since been debating how functional a pair of calf hair sneakers would be for me and my new style "#goals". Aside from the fact that I walk everywhere and wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them outside in any kind of weather, I think they might dress up quite nicely. Here I paired them with the previously mentioned very cool coated denim pants, a feminine lace top, and a sleek color coordinating handbag with nails and lips to match.

Question: Does anyone else feel seriously uncool at their hair salon or is it just me a New York thing?