Tuesday, September 16

olive + chambray

olive + chambray
olive + chambray
mulberry alexa
olive + chambray
gap chambray shirt {similar} . vince pants {similar + on sale!} . rag and bone boots {similar color} . ray ban sunglasses . mulberry handbag . deborah rice necklace . jouer lip gloss in 'mirage'

I really can't believe I went as long as I did without owning a chambray shirt. I had wanted one for years and spent most of that time looking for the perfect one, then forgetting about it, and then searching once again whenever I would see someone wearing one. They really are one of those closet staples. They go with just about everything, can be dressed up or down... but you already know this so there's no sense in repeating it. I finally found my perfect chambray shirt early in the summer and have worn it about once a week since, mostly with shorts and skirts and summery things so I'm pretty excited to transition it into the fall. Yesterday I paired it with olive colored pants from Vince, ankle boots, and a messy bun that isn't visible in any of these photographs. 

Happy Tuesday and thank you so much for reading!

Monday, September 15

little black dress

little black dress
little black dress
little black dress
little black dress

I know how much I sound like a broken record. I could probably make a template for mad libs out of these posts.
I've had this [ITEM OF CLOTHING] for [NUMBER] years. I like how [ADJECTIVE] it is. I usually like to wear it to [PLACE]. This time, I styled it with [ADJECTIVE] [ITEM OF CLOTHING]...
You get the picture.
Before I started blogging (mostly) about my personal style, I didn't realize how picky I was. Most of my clothing has been hanging in my closet for years. I've barely added anything new that wasn't a gift over the last year. While my pickiness does probably save me money in the long run, it can make for a closet full of "nothing to wear". But those feelings come and go (except that white and purple popover I wore as a cover up in Tortola last year, I'm still not ready to see that again.)
I don't remember when I bought this dress, but it's simple and black and I like that the sleeves are longer and that the material is stretchy and just casual enough that it can be dressed up or down. Day to night pieces are my ideal. If I don't have to change between work and dinner it's a win in my book. It should probably also be noted that I work in a very casual environment where I sometimes wear my converse (gasp!).
Last week, JD and I went out to dinner after work and managed to snap these before heading off to a sweet little French place called Amelie in Greenwich Village. Since the waistline is a little plain I paired it with a metallic belt to pull it in a bit, simple gold jewelry, ankle boots, and red lips. I love this lipstick. I bought it for myself as a birthday gift and was a little worried that it wouldn't look right on me as it was recommended for redheads and blondes, but I think it looks fine. It's named for Grace Kelly and lasts through dinner and drinks, perfect in my book. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 12

cucumber coconut cocktail

cucumber gin cocktail | recipe
Things haven’t been the same since realizing we were both perfectly capable of creating pretty cocktails at home. Aside from his love of hard to find scotch, JD and I have preferred mixing our own drinks at home. Go ahead and call us antisocial, but $14 cocktails add up quickly. 

The other day while browsing the menus of several cocktail bars we’d like to try for happy hour I came upon a drink that combined coconut water, cucumber, and my beloved gin. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a coconut water cocktail before and felt the need to give it a try. Though it took a little fiddling with the recipe to get it right, I think the end result came out okay. 
cucumber gin cocktail | recipe
cucumber gin cocktail | recipe
Cucumber Coconut Cocktail
1.5 oz gin*
4 slices of cucumber
3 oz coconut water
1 oz simple syrup

*I used Hendrick's because it's my favorite as well as the perfect pairing for cucumber.

In a large glass muddle three cucumber slices with gin. Strain into a new glass over ice. Stir in coconut water and simple syrup. Garnish with the fourth slice, and enjoy!
cucumber gin cocktail | recipe
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 10


There is something so classic, timeless about black and white stripes. It's such a simple look but has the potential to be so elegant and chic. Something Audrey Hepburn might wear in say, Paris. New York has been bustling these last few days with fashion week in full swing. Everyone is out, dressed up in the latest trends, but for some reason, I'm not feeling it this year. In a sea of colorful midi skirts and crop tops I've been craving simplicity. 

When getting dressed yesterday, I thought of Audrey and Paris and got back to basics. I have had this shirt for years and it has steadily remained a wardrobe favorite. I wear it too often, but I love it and I love having items of clothing that I still want to wear at least once a week years later. I've had these pants for quite a while too. They came with me on my trip to Italy two years ago. I topped them off with black flats and a simple gold necklace.

Happy Wednesday everyone, and thank you for reading!

Tuesday, September 9

sweater weather

I've never been one to pass up on a good sale and so I have been slowly scooping up pieces here and there as the summer winds down, this J. Crew sweater was one of them. I cannot stress enough how much I love lightweight sweaters. Wearing sweaters in the summer should probably be on my list of favorite pastimes. Weird, I know. There is just something about long sleeves and shorts that I love, that and the day to (casual) night transition is seamless.

Yesterday the heat finally broke in the city. It was so nice and breezy, so I broke out my new sweater and jeans and paired it with my birthday boots. I saw these in the store the very day they were put out, they hadn't gone up on the website yet. I fell in love immediately and miraculously summoned the strength to leave without trying them on. I had no business being in there anyway. For quite a while I had been debating getting a new pair of Harrows, in black this time, because as much as I love my Newburys, the zipper on the back of my left boot falls down every time I walk and constantly fixing it got annoying after a couple of years. I wanted a pair that would stay put. So naturally, I choose one with four zippers that I am very much hoping don't cause me any trouble. I love these boots so much already. You have been forewarned, I will be wearing these every day until May.

Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes! Have a great day!
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