Friday, May 29

spicy grapefruit margarita

Having a carton of grapefruit juice taking up space in my fridge makes me want one specific drink, a Hemingway daiquiri. I fell in love with them on our trip to New Orleans a few years back and often find myself debating if I should order one when out. There are some great bartenders in New York City but I'm weirdly specific with my drinks and I don't like being on the receiving end of a blank stare. You know what I'm talking about. So I went over the ingredients to see if I could come up with something similar, but different since we're out of rum. Lime, grapefruit, simple syrup... it all sounds very much like the makings of a margarita. Two grapefruit and tequila recipes in a row, why not? 
spicy grapefruit margarita | prosecco in the park
There are a lot of recipes for margaritas out there, everyone seems to make them a little different. It's all about personal preference. I ended up sifting through quite a few before I found one that I liked, altered it to my needs, and added a little bit of a twist. Different variations of "spicy margaritas" kept popping up and I was intrigued. I like spicy so the addition of some cayenne simple syrup was a no brainer. A margarita with a little burn. But there's no need to worry if that's not your thing because you can add just as much cayenne as you'd like or none at all. 
spicy grapefruit margarita | prosecco in the park
spicy grapefruit margarita | prosecco in the park
spicy grapefruit margarita | prosecco in the park
2 ounces grapefruit juice
1.5 ounces tequila
1.5 ounces lime juice
1 ounce grand marnier
.5 ounce cayenne simple syrup
lime slice

To make the cayenne simple syrup add equal parts sugar and water. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add cayenne pepper to taste. I made only half an ounce so I used just a dash. 

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice. Run the lime over the rim of the glass and dip in salt. Pour into the glass, garnish with a slice of lime, and enjoy!
spicy grapefruit margarita | prosecco in the park

Thursday, May 28

white nights

white nights
le specs runaways luxe sunglasses
white nights
joie lena wedges
white nights
j. crew top {last seen here / similar} . 7 for all mankind pants {old / updated version} . mulberry handbag . joie wedges {currently on sale!} . le specs sunglasses . clinique lipstick in "pudgy peony" . essie nail polish in "marshmallow"

First things first, I have been waiting to use this title since last summer. Nothing ever panned out I guess. Maybe it's because I have a love/hate relationship with these pants. I love the idea of white pants and hate what happens once your put them on. Since it is now socially acceptable to wear all white all the time as Memorial Day has come and gone, I couldn't wait to try this look. It's one I had been thinking about for quite a bit but silly as that old rule may be, felt uncomfortable wearing in the middle of April in inconsistent weather. For a summery evening look I paired a fluttery silk top with white denim and nude wedges. I love that this top is more of a cream color, I think it makes wearing all white feel less daunting. I always worry that I'll either sit in or spill something on myself before the day is through.

How do you feel about wearing all white?

Wednesday, May 27

heating up

With temperatures much higher than average this week, my ideal outfit would be somewhere between a swimsuit and a loose, shapeless sack of a dress. Option number two is slightly more appropriate for an office setting. This Madewell number makes a nice compromise with a loose fitting overlay top and  small open back detail. It's the kind of dress that could easily transition from the office, topped with a cardigan of course, to happy hour. I've said it a hundred times by now, but I really do love those wear anywhere, day to night pieces. I feel like you just get more for your money, not to mention more styling options. For an after hours look I'd pair it with these adorable color blocked Chloé sandals, a striped clutch, and oversized sunglasses, you know, in case you find yourself at a fancy rooftop joint. 

Tuesday, May 26

jord wood watch

jord ely watch #jordwatch
jord ely watch #jordwatch
jord ely watch #jordwatch
jord watch c/o . j. crew cardigan {old / similar} . zara top {last seen here}. 7 for all mankind denim {updated version} . mulberry handbag . tory burch wedges {old / similar} . le specs sunglassesvirginie millefiori and catbird rings . jouer lip gloss in "monaco" . essie nail polish in "marshmallow" 

Happy Tuesday, I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. It's hard to come down from a holiday weekend. We spent ours out on the island with the pups and checked off most of the items on my weekend wish list, most of which were food related. Burritos from Bubba's, ices from Ralph's, etc. I've always said that all of our favorite pastimes involve eating. And the Mischa apple doesn't fall far from the tree too. We're constantly in talks for more cookies. 

Saturday morning we went down to the dock to bark at the birds and take in the scenery. Small as she is, birds are her target with a special focus on Canadian geese. I have been waiting to wear this top for weeks. I scooped it up about the same time I hit publish on this Wednesday wish list and have been "saving" it since. For what? Who knows. Life without a washer and dryer is an adjustment bringing out some weird reactions, kind of like an improv class. I paired it as planned with white denim but opted for a cardigan, wedges, and simple accessories for a wind friendly weekend look. 

A couple of years ago JD and I wandered into a shop in the West Village that had a couple of wooden watches on display. He was instantly smitten being the handy watch guy that he is. I liked the look and idea and it stuck with me. There are a good deal of things like that in my life, little things that stick around, popping in and out of my thoughts over the years. It's extra special when they come full circle. I really love this watch, it's fun and different without being over the top, in your face about it. You know what I mean. It's timeless and elegant and isn't too big or bulky. I have tiny wrists and often avoid wearing watches as the styles I like have the tendency to look clunky. That is certainly not the case with this Jord number. Not to mention I have received so many compliments on this watch. JD is jealous. 

Friday, May 22

j. crew giveaway

A special treat to start the long weekend...
 JCrew Giveaway May 2015.jpg

Prize: $200 J. Crew Gift Card

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email with any questions.)
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