Tuesday, March 3


Growing up things like the Hudson freezing was the stuff of stories. It happened back in the old days when they walked to school ten miles up a hill in the snow, 1895. I've had a few of those moments over the last couple of months, but it was one thing I never quite thought I'd see. I've spent the winter watching the ice stretch further and further out across the Hudson River from my office window and this past Saturday I stood on the Long Island Sound. JD and I took a day trip out to visit a few of our favorite places and on the way home, stopped at a small stretch of beach to climb down and look at the frozen water. It was an incredible sight, one I'm happy to have witnessed. I like the idea of living in an old story and the dream of one day telling it.

I kept things simple with jeans and a sweater and piled on the layers as per usual. One of these days it will warm up, right? It's bad when that has become a question. 

Monday, March 2

long weekend

chelsea 28 sweater {last seen here} . american eagle denim . michael kors boots {sold out / similar} . zara scarf {last seen here / similar} . trina turk earrings {in coral} . catbird + virginie millefiori rings . opi nail polish in "privacy please" 

This weekend was a nice long, three day, real weekend for me and it was amazing. I'm so into my current routine that I forgot what it was like to have a normal schedule with Saturdays and Sundays wide open. We took advantage of this special treat and got out of the city to visit with the pups and our families, as well as do a little wine and beer tasting, and some furniture scouting for our new apartment. This is what I wore on Friday for our errands and scouting. With all of the snow we've been getting, it's just not practical to wear these boots in the city. Between the near constant slush and splashes and mystery puddles they'd get destroyed. But, if you're traveling by car that all of a sudden doesn't matter. Sometimes I do miss commuting by car instead of on foot. And yes, most of those reasons are shoes. The others would be singing really loudly by myself. It's just not the same on the train... 

Happy Monday and thank you so much for reading, I hope you had a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 26


splendid top {also love this one!} . asos pants {old / similar} . steve madden boots {borrowed from mom / similar} . mulberry handbag . warby parker sunglasses {old / similar} . jouer lip gloss in "mirage" . essie nail polish in "find me an oasis"

Going a little off topic today - I have been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair. I've always gravitated towards that classic just above the shoulders Grace Kelly cut. It's timeless, flattering on most, and has the potential to look polished or messy. At this rate, it's been a years long debate. I had my hair short back in college and loved it but as these things go, having short hair created a desire to have really long hair and now that my hair has finally reached the desired length of 2012 I feel almost guilty at the thought of chopping it all off. And now with the cut being so popular, well I find that a bit off putting. I mean, who doesn't have some kind of long bob right now Hollywood?It's the trendy cut right now. I suppose that's my answer.

This is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago but didn't get around to sharing until now. I had been wanting a pale blush colored sweater and came this close to buying one when I remembered I had this one tucked away in a drawer at my mom's house. One of the perks of going home is that my mom wears the same size shoe as me. I love the buckles and cutout details on the sides on these boots, they have that tough, cool feel. If it were warmer I'd pair them with a feminine floral dress, I think that would be a fun balance. Since it's not, I paired them with distressed black pants and a warm top for a relaxed weekend look. 

Wednesday, February 25

winter whites

sweater . nail polish . handbag .  flats . bracelet . hat . pants 

As I've been saying like a broken record these last few weeks, I've slowly but surely been veering away from my darker cold weather wardrobe towards lighter pieces that remind me of spring, or the snow since spring doesn't seem to be coming. I love wearing white in the winter, though I certainly don't do it enough. It's transition from season to season is effortless. I'd pair these white pants with a cozy off white sweater, blush handbag, nude flats, white nail polish, and a delicate gold bracelet. While this look ended up being a bit more blush than white, I'd happily wear it today, next week, and straight through May. 

Tuesday, February 24


This House of Harlow bracelet was the third and final piece in my first rocksbox. While it's not my usual style as I don't generally wear a lot of bracelets outside of bangles in the summer, I like this one. It's a little tougher, so I paired it with a "downtown" inspired outfit. As much as I have been trying to stay away from those harsh dark colors, sometimes they just suck you in, especially on gray days. As you can tell I am clearly not wearing the right footwear for this slush festival. Rest assured that quickly changed moments after these photos were snapped. 

PS. rocksbox is offering your first month free with the code "proseccointheparkxoxo".

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