Tuesday, July 28

the new york botanical garden

I haven't done a post like this in quite a while. As I mentioned yesterday, I love visiting to the New York Botanical Garden. It's one of those things I look forward to each year. While I've been in the past for the orchid and rose shows, I have never seen an art exhibit there as well. They currently have the Frida Kahlo exhibit going on. A garden is set up to replicate the one at her home, complete with a work desk and lots of color. The sheer number of Mexican plants they brought in is impressive, and I'm always in awe of anyone who can keep a plant alive. I have failed at keeping both english ivy and spider plants. That shouldn't be possible. 

I enjoyed the garden area. It was a bit crowded with lines forming to snap certain pictures and read descriptive posters, but I'm used to that part, that's almost always how it goes. The art exhibit was another story. It was very crowded and overshadowed by a security guard announcing the viewing protocol every thirty seconds. People were pushing each other, shouting, and constantly setting off the protective sensors. It felt more like being at the center of rampant mob than it did an art exhibit. The pieces themselves were interesting, nice to see one of her self portraits in person. I always find it fascinating to see paintings that are so familiar, famous in person. If you are interested in going I would recommend either visiting very early in the day or on a weekday. 

Monday, July 27


loft top {old / similar here and here} . j. crew shorts {old / similar} . mulberry handbag

Over the weekend we took a quick trip up to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. I always love visiting the garden, even if I do pay for it in intense sinus pressure after the fact. The exhibit was interesting, and overcrowded at parts. I plan to talk about that a bit more tomorrow. It was quite hot this weekend so simple and light layers were key. I've been wearing this blurred / brush stroke dot top on repeat all season, with everything. It's really light and the material looks silky but it is machine washable and can go in the dryer. At this point in my life, that excites me more that it should. Things that don't need to be dry cleaned? Swoon. 

Another thing I've been wearing on repeat is this necklace. I'm not sure if I've really discussed it here before, but as I was recently asked what it meant, I thought now might be a good time. It's a nautical flag, Juliet to be exact. I happened upon these pretty little charms in Newport one year and spent the following thinking about how I should have bought one. When I returned that next July, I ran through the list of meanings again and picked my favorite. And while I hope to never need to use it, Juliet means "I am on fire and carrying dangerous cargo, keep clear." Now I know what you're all wondering. The answer is yes, if Taylor Swift cast me in her video for Bad Blood, my name would be Juliet. 

Thursday, July 23

garden party

This week has been weird and my head is elsewhere so I figured I might as well see how a drink post does on a Thursday, hope you don't mind. If all goes well tonight I just may tell you where exactly it's been. 
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
As I mentioned last week, drink choices have been heavily relying on what windowsill plant needs to be chopped down. While the mint is still making it's way down the building in hopes of one day becoming ivy, the basil is behaving like a magic bean stalk. Basil it is. And we recently picked up a bottle of aperol as it's been noticeably included on popular brunch menus across the city. It was about time. So I looked up some recipes that included the two, basil and aperol, and came across this one from Food & Wine. (Note: If you click to the original recipe, you'll notice that they have it listed as a more challenging cocktail, ignore that, it's easy as pie, and much easier than that pumpkin pie cocktail, which you can find here!) In true fashion I of course altered it slightly to suit my needs, which is highly encouraged! If you don't have an ingredient, improvise! I did not have any prosecco on hand - gasp! - and wasn't about to use the special bottle of champagne taking up residence in my fridge on an experiment, so I substituted for soda water to give it a little fizz and upped the amount of simple syrup. 
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park
1 1/2 ounces gin
1 1/2 ounces aperol
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
5 basil leaves
soda water 

In a large glass combine gin, aperol, lemon juice, simple syrup, and basil leaves. Shake with ice to bruise the basil, strain, and top with soda water. Garnish with a basil leaf if so desired.

I very much enjoyed this one. Aside from it's bright orange, almost neon color, which I suppose could be seen as off-putting, it was light and refreshing. I'm a big fan of using basil in cocktails, especially with gin. The two together have a such a lovely, summer profile. And I especially like the name of this drink, garden party. I certainly wouldn't mind sipping one of these at one.
garden party, a cocktail | prosecco in the park

Tuesday, July 21

little arrows, part two

j. crew top {last seen here / similar and on sale!} . anthropologie shorts {last july / similar here and here} . mulberry handbag . le specs sunglasses . soludos espadrilles {in pink / solid}

I almost didn't want to link back to the first time I wore these shorts on this blog as they clearly looked better then. There's nothing like photographing yourself wearing clothes to prove that you have in fact packed on a few. Spoken by someone who just ate two cupcakes from Billy's in a sitting. #priorities. I only have myself to blame, and their proximity to UCB. 

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for a casual Saturday in the city. Loose and lightweight pieces are key when it's hot out here, especially as hot as it's been this week, though I probably wouldn't dare to wear a silk top right now, not with this weather. The air is so thick and soupy, it feels like walking out into a sauna that you can't leave. I have never been closer to going for the big haircut than I have this week.  I haven't made an appointment, and I doubt I will, but if this keeps up I'll have a Grace Kelly cut by the week's end. 

Monday, July 20


Do you ever sit down with very good intentions of doing one thing and end up in a completely different arena? I've been trying to check the weather for about 45 minutes. Then I remembered I needed to check my work e-mail, and that I forgot to check it last night. Oh and I just had this good idea, I should write that down so as not to forget it. I should probably write about last week too. And so here we are, I'm all set to tell you all about the Trainwreck panel and my thoughts on the movie and I have absolutely no idea what the temperature outside is going to shoot up to this afternoon. (UPDATE: There is a heat advisory and it's supposed to feel like soup.)

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to a panel discussion at AOL for Trainwreck. I stood in the same room as Judd Apatow, Bill Hader, and Vanessa Bayer and smiled like a crazy person as they talked about the casting process, filming, and fielded some questions from the audience. I didn't get to ask one of my own, but the one I had at the top of my list was answered within the first three minutes. I had heard that Amy Schumer wrote the script and that it was semi autobiographical so I was curious, seeing the cast, how much of it was improvised. The answer: a good portion. How could you not just let Bill Hader throw a few lines in there? I also learned some fun facts, like that Kristen Wiig's part in Knocked Up was all her. The part wasn't in the script, Judd Apatow brought her in and let her do her thing. They compared Vanessa's role in this film to that, small but memorable, the kind of thing that leads to much bigger things. What was probably my favorite bit was the result of a question from the audience. Their favorite SNL sketches, characters, etc. A few weeks ago I made an attempt at at answering the same question. I felt cheesy saying "the van down by the river". Everyone loves that one. It's a popular choice, but it also is most likely to be the one someone who's not very familiar with the show would say, "oh yeah, of course, that one... with the, yes, right." I thought a lot about my answer afterward, hoping it didn't sound cheap. Both Vanessa and Bill answered the same. It's always so fascinating to hear answers like that. 

I saw the movie over the weekend. While I'm not generally a fan of the loud character Amy plays, I have gradually come around, she is so smart and talented. I really loved the movie. It was funny, sweet, and sad. There were a few parts that made me tear up and many more that made me laugh. And as I do with most movies that I really like, I thought about it after leaving the theater, the things that I liked and didn't. I'd hate to give anything away, so I'll keep quiet but I do want to share this one little bit that was discussed in the panel. There was a part where Amy and Bill's characters were having an argument, and Judd directed Bill to fall asleep. Apparently that had been a thing that Judd did during a discussion with his wife, so they put it in the movie. I loved that.

Have  you seen Trainwreck? If so, what did you think?