Monday, September 1

beach stop

Happy Labor Day, Monday, and September everyone! Today I'll be spending most of my day at the office thinking about the beach, and sun bathing with the pups so I figured I might as well share a day I did get to sort of spend there last weekend.

Last Saturday JD and I drove out east to attend a barbecue at his uncle's house. I still had a cold and felt miserable but I was determined to not let that stop me from enjoying the day. It was a challenge, but lucky my purse was big enough to contain a full sized box of tissues and most of a medicine cabinet. On our way back home we stopped to explore this pretty beach. I can't say I've been to many beaches with bluffs like this, but the change of scenery was certainly welcome. We stood on the large rocks set in the sand and took in the salt air and stormy sky. I kept it casual in a comfy old J. Crew tee, jeans, and sparkly sandals. 

Friday, August 29

blackberry bourbon lemonade

I was never much of a whiskey girl until JD started getting into Scotch years ago. Dating a lover of Scotch opens you up to trying new things. I have sampled more whiskey than I can think of and know things about it that impresses/concerns my mother, like that Highland Park 15 has a nice note of vanilla that is considered a defect. 

Last weekend while discussing what drink to do next, JD and I scrolled through pinterest and landed on some kind of fizz muddled with blackberry jam. I thought it would be too soon to do another fizz after the blueberry lemon one two weeks ago (you can check out that recipe here) so I began thinking of what else might be good with blackberries. My mind immediately went to bourbon and so we continued searching until we found a vague list of ingredients on a restaurant website and as per usual made up our own version.
blackberry bourbon lemonade | recipe
blackberry bourbon lemonade | recipe
blackberry bourbon lemonade | recipe
blackberry bourbon lemonade | recipe
blackberry bourbon lemonade | recipe
blackberry bourbon lemonade
half a lemon
1.5 oz bourbon
1 oz cardamom simple syrup*
3 blackberries
1 oz soda water
crushed ice

*To make the cardamom simple syrup:

In a small saucepan add equal parts sugar and water and a few cardamom pods and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about five minutes. Strain or remove the pods and let cool before adding to the cocktail.

In a large glass or shaker muddle half a lemon with bourbon and cardamom simple syrup. In the serving glass, muddle blackberries and fill with crushed ice. Strain and pour bourbon mixture over ice and top with soda water. Stir and enjoy!

We were going to add champagne but forgot to pick some up so ended up adding soda water instead. I'm kind of disappointed about that. I'll take just about any excuse to have champagne so please feel free to switch that out if you like! 

Happy Friday and enjoy the holiday weekend (if you have one)!

Thursday, August 28


white shirt + crosshatch skirt
white shirt + crosshatch skirt + vermilion celine
crosshatch skirt + vermilion celine
dogeared sailboat necklace
white shirt + crosshatch skirt
gap shirt . madewell skirt {last seen here / also love this one} . celine handbag . tory burch wedges {old / similar} . anthropologie sunglasses {similar} . leslie danzis earrings {old, via gilt} . dogeared necklace . jouer lip gloss in "riviera" . essie nail polish in "after school boy blazer"

This skirt has by far been my favorite purchase this summer. It was love at first sight, so much so that I even featured it in a currently loving post. (You can check that out here.) Which, funny enough, looks a lot like this outfit. I've gotten so much use out of this skirt this summer, probably too much. It's been in a weekly rotation. I should be sick of it by now, but I'm not. I don't think I ever will be. I love it. So I'm squeezing it in one last time before Labor Day when that silly "no more white" rule that I tend to ignore goes into effect. It's only appropriate to begin and end the season with the same skirt, right? 

The last time I wore it on the blog was to ring in summer in a simple white tee and nude sandals. This time I dressed it up a little with a classic oxford, my favorite wedges, and a pop of bright poppy red via my bag. 

What was your favorite closet addition this summer?

Wednesday, August 27

now & later

currently loving | now & later

As we've been edging closer to the change of seasons I've found myself reaching for those more transitional pieces in my closet over my brightly colored summer things. I think clothing that can be worn through different seasons helps make that transition easier, especially when temperatures don't cool down until October and all you want to wear is deep greens and burgundy... or is that just me?

I love how season-less this Madewell dress is. I think I'd feel just as comfortable (and season appropriate) in it now as I would with a blazer or cardigan in November. For now I'd pair it with lace up sandals, a two tone cross body, elephant earrings, and NARS lip gloss in "tasmania". On cooler days I'd add this pretty printed scarf from J. Crew and top it off with a felt wool hat. 

What is your go to piece for the change of seasons?

Tuesday, August 26

a floral printed smock dress

asos floral print smock dress
asos floral print smock dress
asos floral print smock dress + vince camuto bag
asos floral print smock dress
black ankle strap flats
asos floral print smock dress
asos dress {last year / love this one} .  asos shoes {last seen here} . vince camuto bag {borrowed from mom, again} . ray ban sunglasses . essie nail polish in "after school boy blazer" 

I scooped this dress up on sale at the end of last summer. I thought the colors and pattern would transition well into fall. It had a "Thanksgiving" look to me. I ended up wearing it a good amount last fall and early in the winter with tights, boots, and a black cardigan and sort of forgot about it until recently when I went through my closet to survey and reorganize things. I was disappointed to find that I had forgotten about this one as it was originally intended for summer but I suppose it's better late than never. (Plus I'm anticipating getting some more use out of it through the fall again this year.) It was nice to wear this dress on it's own for a change. Instead of piling on layers I kept it simple, pairing it with my favorite new flats and a black cross-body handbag. 

Happy Tuesday and thank you so much for reading! 
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